Resource Spotlight – Lovely as a Tree

Lovely as a Tree is by far the best website on environmentally friendly graphic design. Lovely as a Tree has all the information and resources you need to become a more environmentally aware graphic designer.

Topics covered on the Lovely as a Tree website include:

1. Tips on choosing environmentally friendly paper for your projects

2. A guide to choosing an eco-friendly printer

3. Great ways to modify your designs and projects to make them more environmentally friendly

So if you are interested in being a more environmentally aware graphic designer then Lovely as a Tree has everything you need to make a difference!

Environmentally Friendly Graphic Design – Lovely as a Tree

2 comments on “Resource Spotlight – Lovely as a Tree”

  1. Sarah Reply

    You can throw a stone out of a car and hit a designer… if each designer just put that little bit more effort into being environmentally friendly this place would be so much better!!! Thanks for the fab link!

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