Specialty Paper Products and Supplies

If you are looking for specialty paper products and supplies then look no further then Neenah Paper. Neenah paper is known for its quality specialty printing papers and they have an array of top of the line products for all of your printing needs.


I recently just bought some of their CLASSIC CREST® paper for my resume and I was very pleased with the quality of it. They also have a really nice selection of weights and colors for each brand of paper so you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit!

Nennah paper is also looking out for mother nature which is a good sign of a quality paper paper mill in my book.

The Neenah Green Initiative is our commitment to earth and sky and future generations. Green means making it easier and simpler to do the right thing for the environment. Whether you need letterhead or an entire identity collection, our fresh, trend setting papers breathe life into your communications.

Specialty Paper Products and Supplies – Neenah Paper

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  1. Doreen Stokes Reply

    I am looking for a product like the old Pig Saver fold coin saver that had slots for putting coins in the inside. Can you custom make them in the shape of african animals . I have a school project that I want to give these to the kids to save coins for a Tanzanian school. Thank you

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