The Greatest Toolbar Ever!

The greatest toolbar ever is StumbleUpon. Its a toolbar add-on that lets you choose categories you are interested in such as “graphic design” and then all you do is click the stumble button and it will take you to a related website.

The system does a pretty good job of weeding out crappy sites, but you do occasionally run into some bad sites. You can rate pages by giving them a thumbs up or a thumbs down and you can also write reviews for pages.

Discover Great New Sites!

I have discovered many great websites by using StumbleUpon in my free time. Be forewarned though its extremely addicting and you may find yourself clicking the stumble button for hours on end!

Let me know what you think of stumble upon and please feel free to review our site or any pages and give us a thumbs up if you liked the article. Enjoy!

Download StumbleUpon | Review You the Designer

5 comments on “The Greatest Toolbar Ever!”

  1. Erica DeWolf Reply

    I agree. Before I became a stumbleupon fan I was a little reluctant to download yet another toolbar. But it has replaced all others as my favorite toolbar, and my favorite social media site. Why? It’s easy.

    Bored? Click stumble to find cool sites.

    Want to bookmark something. Simply click “I Like it”

    Great post. Thanks!

  2. kat Reply

    I agree..SU is an awesome tool. I use it daily and have discovered plenty of great sites with it. I use it mostly for online bookmarking, sending (stumbling) friends websites I want them to check out, and as a blog to display the websites I like. Here is my personal stumble page:

  3. Pixy Reply

    It is an interesting idea:) I tried StumbleUpon and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Most of the sites I visited were pretty good. Thumbs up for this wonderful toolbar!

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