The Museum of Arts for the Arts (MofAA)

The Museum of Arts for the Arts (MofAA) was established to be the leading virtual art and image museum in the world, and currently holds one of the largest and most prized collections of images known to man; from Daguerreotype to Hubble, from Lascaux to Warhol, MofAA holds some of the most famous artists and art objects from the art world.

The collection currently boasts over 4 Million pieces and growing as new work is exhibited. They are also working on a virtual museum that will feature new exhibits on a regular basis.

In sum, The MofAA seeks to create a dialogue between the established and the avant-garde, the past and the present, in an environment that is responsive to the issues of contemporary culture, while being accessible to a public that ranges from the scholarly to the casually curious.


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  1. Ollie w Reply

    I went to see this the other day. The have a great constructavist/ de stilj/ geometricism exhibition. Very recommended!

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