Three Cool Free Fonts

Autobahn has taken the time to create three cool free fonts called Gelvetica, Tomatica and Heldentica. They have some interesting photos of the font creation process that really give you a sense of how much work actually goes into creating a custom font, let alone three cool free fonts.

One of the fonts was created using toothpaste gel and the other shown in the photos was created using ketchup. This project looked really fun to me and the fonts turned out well.

The fonts are a good showcase of what Autobahn can do and I’m sure the project will shed some well deserved light on their main portfolio site. To download Gelvetica, Tomatica and Heldentica simply head on over to

9 comments on “Three Cool Free Fonts”

  1. Selvo Reply

    hahahah thats so cool. Making a font out of toothpaste and ketchup. I’m gonna add them to my fonts. Thanks for the find!

  2. Gino Reply

    I’m not sure it doesn’t seem to say anywhere you may want to shoot them a quick email.

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