Two Ways to Enhance Your Portfolio

SimpleViewer and Lightbox JS are two great resources that can help take your portfolio to the next level by improving the way your work is showcased.



SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash photo gallery application that is great for displaying your portfolio pieces. its high customizable and can can be changed to fit your design tastes perfectly. its easy to install, easy to use and can really give your portfolio a nice touch.

Download SimpleViewer

Lightbox JS

Lightbox JS is a simple script used to overlay images on the current page. Its very easy to set up and is compatible with most modern browsers. Although it is not a full flash gallery like SimpleViewer, it is sitll a great way to display your work once a thumbnail has been clicked. When you click an image it opens up the full image with a grayed out background and neutral image border. You can also add a caption to the image to provide viewers with detailed project info.

Download Lightbox JS

8 comments on “Two Ways to Enhance Your Portfolio”

  1. Printed T-Shirts Reply

    I think Lightbox JS runs on Javascript and if I remember correctly has loads of bugs which outweigh the advantages. While Simpleviewer isn’t bad, I think using WordPress to post your portfolio in a blog fashion- or even as a cms is the way to go. WordPress is sooo easy.

  2. Gray Ayer Reply

    I love simple viewer. I use it for my own portfolio:

    Felix, the developer, is extremely responsive to questions, and there is a large forum of users for support. With the new simple viewer manager that they created, I’ve discovered that I can use this combination to develop websites for clients, in which they can manage their own portfolios without having to look at a single letter of code. For example,

  3. Ben Reply

    I was just doing research the other day on how to get the “lightbox” effect and found it, after looking through the website I realized I skipped right over a link which lead to:

    Lightbox Version 2

    -Maybe they have fixed some of those bugs “Printed T-Shirts” was talking about, but I cannot be sure as I have yet to use it.

  4. Gino Reply

    Printed T Shirts – I’ve been using Lightbox for a while and never ran into any errors and yes WordPress is a pretty good option as well, but different.

    Ben – Nice find with version 2 didn’t even notice that!

  5. don't worry about it Reply

    i don’t see the point in modal windows simply for images. it’s cool for popup forms and ajax includes, but i think it’s a tactic that’s horribly horribly overused.

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