UPrinting.com Review – A Designer’s Best Friend

UPrinting is a high-quality online printing company that has been providing businesses and designers with quality printing services for over 25 years. I came across www.uprinting.com when I was searching for a new online printer to print my new business cards. I was looking for companies who offered free samples of their work and U Printing happened to be one of the printing companies who was, so I listed them in my article 10 Free Print Sample Kits and ordered some free samples.

UPrinting.com Review

I was really pleased with the samples I got from them and the prices were extremely affordable, but if that isn’t enough; they will also check your files for FREE. You can rest assured that they will examine your files to make sure they are in tip top shape for printing. Most companies will not do this for you or will charge you extra. They will also send you press-ready proofs for free so you and your client can sign off on the project and sleep well knowing that the final prints will look great.

I highly recommend ordering some free print samples from them to check out the quality for yourself, I think you guys will be as pleased. Enjoy!

UPrinting – A Designer’s Best Friend

7 comments on “UPrinting.com Review – A Designer’s Best Friend”

  1. Jake Reply

    Looks like I might have found me a new online printer. I always like seeing information like this because I like to use companies others suggest. Especially when the suggestion comes from fellow designer.

    As a prepress supervisor I can understand the importance of having the files check. The fact that they do it for free and do the press proof for free is impressive. Those are two very valuable features with this company.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. David S Reply

    Hey, thanks for the great review! We really appreciate it.

    Coming from a design background ourselves, we know how important it is to have pre-press support. We all had our share of nightmare stories and really set this up to address the issues most designers face. Designers have enough stress so we wanted printing to be one less thing to worry about.

    *Warning, shameless plug* We also launched a product called U-Page, which lets you print any custom size on any of our house stocks, and still have gang pricing. So, you won’t give your client a heart attack when it’s time to print that 8″x8″ brochure :)

    Thanks again!

  3. Cindi Reply

    It is very important to me that this company checks the photo files of its’ customer’s
    files for free! Also, viewing the press ready photos so one can sign off and know they
    will be receiving quality photos. Thanks, Cindi

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