Web 2.0 Button Generator

If you are looking to save a little time on your design projects you should check out this web 2.0 button generator. You can modify the text, color and size of the button to fit your needs. It also lets you add pre-designed icons on the button to enhance it or you can upload your own icons.

After you are done editing the button you simply download the button which is saved as a .png file. Don’t forget to edit the background color or you will see white edges due to the rounded corners of the button.

Future additions to the site will include a gray scale option for the icons and also more font choices for your buttons.

My Cool Button’s – Web 2.0 Button Generator

2 comments on “Web 2.0 Button Generator”

  1. Gino Reply

    Yeah unfortunately glossy is in =). Its one of the best graphics generators out there for this style though. Most generator sites are way old…

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